Turn-key solutions for all your energy needs


At Applied LNG, we’re more than just your fuel provider.  We have experts in every step of the

energy value chain, from equipment financing to maintenance and logistics



Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and is being used throughout the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  As a fuel, LNG produces relatively low emissions when burned to heat and cool homes, generate electricity, and power vehicles


Liquefied natural gas is less expensive than conventional fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel.  LNG achieves a higher reduction in volume than CNG so that the energy density of LNG is greater than that of CNG or 60% that of diesel fuel.  This makes LNG cost efficient to transport over long distances where pipelines do not exist.



With over 20 years of experience, Applied LNG was one of the first LNG organizations in the US dedicated to the motor fuel market and power generation.  Founded in 1995, Applied LNG has been part of the initial LNG conversion efforts and has accumulated a unique experience in the industry.