Natural gas powered vehicles are a more economical choice for wholesale and retail transportation. In addition, natural gas is cleaner, safer and more readily available than traditional petroleum-based fuels. Clean burning fuels can lower engine maintenance costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen America's dependency on foreign oil.

Liquefied natural gas ("LNG") is produced when natural gas from the pipeline is cooled to a negative 260 degrees (-260°). Once in its liquid state, the LNG stores and transports easily and safely. Compressed natural gas ("CNG") is normally produced by compressing pipeline quality natural gas to a density that is approximately 40% of LNG. CNG is produced from LNG ("LCNG") by vaporizing LNG at a high pressure, and dispensed at retail fueling stations in Barstow and Ontario, California.

Applied provides 24/7 access for LNG and LCNG at the Barstow and Ontario stations.

To obtain a credit card for use at our LCNG stations, please return a completed application form via email to, or print and fax it to (818) 450-3660.

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100 N. Sandstone Court

Barstow, CA 92311


Ontario (UPS)

1735 S. Turner Avenue

Ontario, CA 91764